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National Insect Week returns in 2022


  • Bumblebee Conservation Trust Fun & Learning

    Activities sheet Audio Factsheet Lesson plan

    Great ideas and resources to help children and families connect with bumblebees and their natural habitat.

    For: Early years Primary

  • droso4schools

    Factsheet Lesson plan

    Online resources for school lessons using the fruit fly Drosophila.

    For: Secondary

  • RHS School Gardening Resources

    Activities sheet Factsheet Lesson plan

    A range of resources from the RHS

    For: Whole School

  • Polli:Nation Survey

    Activities sheet Factsheet

    A national survey that you can contribute to be becoming a citizen scientist.

    For: Primary

  • Flower Power


    Discover how to attract a diverse range of insects using flower power.

    For: Everyone

  • Insects everywhere


    Find out how you can find insects just about anywhere.

    For: Everyone

  • Up close and personal with invertebrates

    Activities sheet Factsheet

    This time of year is perfect for getting children out doing minibeast hunt, creepy-crawly hunts, bug walks, insect safaris and invertebrate surveys. Call them whatever you like, basically, they all involve getting up close and personal with invertebrates.

    For: Primary Secondary

  • Getting to know your insects


    Useful advice from an insect expert about how to get to know your insects better

    For: Everyone

  • Bees for kids

    Activities sheet Factsheet

    Children are fascinated by Honey Bees. The British Beekeepers Association seeks to build on that fascination and encourage young people to learn more about the world of the Honey Bee.

    For: Primary

  • Beetle gallery


    Explore the ‘Planet of the Beetles’, which have lived on Earth since long before the age of the dinosaur. Over 370,000 known species in total, see some of the most well known.

    For: Everyone


Did you know?

Biological control

Predatory ladybirds and parasitoid wasps are used as a biological control for pest insects such as aphids.

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