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National Insect Week returns in 2022

Build your own Narrow-headed Ant

The Narrow-headed Ant (Formica exsecta) is England’s rarest ant. It used to live on heaths and moorland edges in southern England, though survives today at only one place in Devon. But you can make your own Narrow-headed Ant to take home.

The Back from the Brink project, through Buglife and Devon Wildlife Trust, are working to protect the ant and help its recovery at former and new sites nearby.

Feel free to photocopy more ant templates to create a whole colony. There are about 1000 Narrow-headed Ants in a nest – can you make that many? Just 999 to go! 

Download the template .pdf file from the Back from the Brink website.

Did you know?

Most reviled insect in the UK

Cockroaches, unfortunate as we have cute native cockroaches (Ectobius sp.) living by sea and on heathland.

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