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116 days to go to Insect Week

National Museums Liverpool

National Museums Liverpool

National Museums Liverpool comprises eight museums and is one of the world’s great museum organisations. We hold in trust and safeguard some of the world’s greatest museum collections, which are universal in their range. We are core-funded by central government and we are the only national museum service in England based wholly outside London, so we have a unique fourfold role – we are the main museum service for Liverpool and Merseyside; we are the region’s largest cultural organisation; we operate at national and international levels. Having played a pivotal role in the cultural, educational and economic life of Liverpool and the North West for more than 150 years, our success can be measured in terms of how well we combine this local and regional role with our national and international responsibilities.

Did you know?

Most important food chain link

Every day blue tits and house martins feed their young several times their own body weight in insects.

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