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National Insect Week returns in 2022


  • Favouring the scorpion fly

    “What’s your favourite insect?” I usually hate those sorts of question – your favourite “anything” tends to change from day to day – but for me the answer is simple. My favourite insect is Panorpa communis , the scorpion fly. © Matt Cole Male scorpion fly, Panorpa communis perched on a green...
  • Eyes are your best piece of equipment!

    A great thing about getting stuck into insects is that you don’t really need any kit, at least, not to get started. Insect hunting isn’t like golf; there’s no need to have “all the gear and no idea”. However, once you get going you’ll probably want to invest in a few things to help you get more out...
  • Exploring the insect world

    There are so many ways to have an encounter with insects in the UK. People, young and old, can get out and marvel at the beauty and fascination of the insect world in this country. You don’t have to live in the countryside either! Even educated weevils do it! Interesting insects can be found under...


Did you know?

Most loved insect in the UK

Probably ladybirds (50+ UK species), beloved of children’s rhymes and many are useful predators of greenfly.

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