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National Insect Week returns in 2022


  • Podcast - Author M.G. Leonard

    Author M. G. Leonard tells us about her inspiration for making insects the heroes in her hit children's book 'Beetle Boy'. Listen to more podcasts by Chris Jeffs M.G. Leonard will be appearing at the launch of the Bug Farm
  • Bug of the Day -Tuesday

    Tuesday.PNG Credit © Paul Manning...
  • Bug of the Day - Monday

    Monday.PNG Credit © Paul Manning...

    National Insect Week will be launched at BUGS Exhibit, ZSL London Zoo on Monday 20th June Invited supporters will be invited to discover the little things that run the world at the offical launch of National Insect Week. They can go bug-eyed and explore the world under the magnifying glass at the...
  • Thunderclap

  • INSTAR Magazine

    A digital magazine for young entomologists. Find out more about insects and those people who study them.... Issue 2 Issue 1 For more information about INSTAR email
  • Educational videos

    What is an insect? Why are they important? Who studies them? These videos will help you to learn some of the answers to these important questions..... What is an insect? Why are insects important? What is an entomologist?
  • Ladybird Days

    Dr Helen Roy Helen Roy is a research ecologist at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. Her research focuses on the effects of environmental change on insect populations and communities. She is particularly interested in the dynamics of invasive non-native species and their effects on native...
  • Hover flies, leaf-cutter bees and ‘no-see-ums’

    In August last year LE contacted me from Shropshire about an insect invasion of her car port. There were seeming thousands of insects, which despite the open construction clustered under the roof and once they died needed shovelling up. The majority of these insects were flies and specifically...
  • Spot a 2-spot!

    Harlequin ladybirds are a highly successful invasive species whose numbers have rocketed over the past few years. The concern about the Harlequin’s success is that they can outcompete native species such as the 2-spot ladybird for their aphid prey, and that the Harlequin larvae may eat smaller...


Did you know?

Hottest and most explosive

Bombardier beetles spray boiling phenolic liquid at predators like shrews, at several squirts per second!

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