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National Insect Week returns in 2022

Entomology at Home for National Insect Week #EntoAtHome  #NIW2020

This year for National Insect Week we hope everyone can appreciate the ‘little things that run the world’ from wherever you live by doing some entomology at home.

If you can find a live insect, why not take a photo and enter our photography competition, look at our discover insect pages or use some of our learning resources such as our Garden Entomology booklet to find out what kind of insect it is.  Help scientists know more about the insect by making a biological record, that tells them where and when you saw it.  If you want to get creative you could do a drawing or other artwork inspired by your insect and contribute to our Insect Isles project.

Did you know?


Magicicada are periodical cicada species, individuals of each population emerge at the same time every 13 or 17 years.

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