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National Insect Week returns in 2022

Learning resources

A range of learning resources relating to insects and entomology from the Royal Entomological Society, our National Insect Week partners and online resources we have spotted. Please browse through the list or use the tick boxes to select audience and resource type.


  • Habitats at Home – Bug boxes for smaller spaces

    Activities sheet

    The addition of a bug box to your garden is a great way to offer lodgings to your six-legged friends and suitable for even the smallest outside space.

    For: Adults

  • Habitats at Home - Shrubs and hedges for insect-friendly edges

    Activities sheet

    Find out how you can encourage insect diversity in your garden through planting shrubs and hedges.

    For: Adults

  • Habitats at Home - Buzzing borders and majestic meadows

    Activities sheet

    Including a patch of native wildflowers in your garden is a great way to create an insect-friendly habitat, be it a few metres of ‘buzzing border’ or a larger ‘majestic meadow’.

    For: Everyone

  • Life in the Undergrowth book


    David Attenborough reveals a secret universe it is teeming with life and is all around us, yet we never see it. It is the world of the very small, and it is a world of sex, drugs and violence.

    For: Adults

  • Bees for kids

    Activities sheet Factsheet

    Children are fascinated by Honey Bees. The British Beekeepers Association seeks to build on that fascination and encourage young people to learn more about the world of the Honey Bee.

    For: Primary

  • Woodland Trust Nature Detectives


    The Woodland Trust quite simply encourages you to 'Pull on your wellies, roll up your sleeves and get outside!' And they are brimming with ideas on how to do just that.

    For: Everyone

  • Great stag beetle hunt


    The magnificent stag beetle needs your help. This endangered species has become extinct in many parts of the UK, but together we can protect those that remain, before it is too late.

    For: Everyone

  • Wood ant activity pack

    Activities sheet

    This guided activity pack introduces children to the lifecycle of wood ants and their daily activities. Designed for use on a woodland walk, the kids will get plenty of fresh air and exercise along the way.

    For: Primary

  • Linnean Society Learning Resources

    Activities sheet Lesson plan Podcast

    Learning resources from the Linnean Society.

    For: Primary Secondary Adults Everyone

  • RES Podcasts

    Audio Podcast

    Chris Jeffs talks to a diverse range of insect enthusiasts, from academics old and new to professionals and TV personalities, in order to find out why insects are so important and fascinating.

    For: Adults


Did you know?

Aposematic ladybirds

The common ladybird has aposematic colouring, the bright red warns predators that it tastes bitter.

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