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71 days to go to Insect Week

Facebook Live Q & A hosted by UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Thursday, June 25, 2020 - 13:00 to 14:30

Have you got a question about insects you've always wanted to ask an expert? Are you keen to learn more about recording the insects or pond life in your garden? Are you frightened or fascinated by insects and freshwater minibeasts?

Join our Facebook Live chat to celebrate insects during National Insect Week.

Send us your questions via Facebook and Twitter with the hastag #UKCEHinsectschat and we'll answer as many as possible!

Answering your questions:

Ecologist and invasive species expert Professor Helen Roy, President of the Royal Entomological Society

Entomologist and biological recorder Martin Harvey

Ecologist and pathogen specialist Dr Beth Purse

Lake ecologist and freshwater minibeast expert Dr Steve Thackeray


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Did you know?


Dragonfly compound eyes are made of up to 30,000 separate facets or 'ommatidia'.

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